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Choosing a suitable bedwetting alarm

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There are lots of bedwetting alarms available on the market. Not only are they of different types and designs, their price range is also great. It is not an easy task to choose the right one. The following are the key factors one needs to take into consideration when making such a choice.


1. Volume

Loudness is one of the most important factors that should be considered. Many reviews show that it is of no use if the alarm volume is not loud enough to wake your child up. However, the same volume level can be too soft for one person but too loud for another. A fixed volume level is unable to cater to different needs. An alarm with volume control is therefore desirable.


2. User-friendly

Since a typical treatment takes about 6-12 weeks and the user may need to go to toilet during night time, it should be easy for him/her to attach and detach the alarm unit and sensor from the clothing. Depending on the types of sensor, ways to attach the sensor to the clothing are different. For details, please refer to Types of sensor.


3. Comfort

As the user has to wear the alarm during sleep time, both the size and the weight of the alarm unit are the factors that should also be taken into account.


4. Cost

The selling price of a bedwetting alarm ranges from US$50 to over US$100. To get your money’s-worth, you can simply make a comparison among the features of the alarms against their selling price. Since some alarms have to be used together with accessories, such as mini pad, the selling price of the alarms can be higher than those stated. Hence, when you estimate the price, don’t forget to include the potential cost!


A comparison chart of wearable alarms can be found from the link below:
Always watch the product video to know more about the features and operation details of an alarm before making a purchase!


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