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You may have tried all these methods, but do they work on your child?
          Limiting fluid intake 2-3 hours before going to bed
          Waking up for using toilet in sleep
          Encouraging and rewarding for dry nights
If neither of them helps, you are suggested considering the following:
  • Consult your family doctor and go for a check-up so as to identify if bedwetting is caused by pathological causes, such as spinal problems, brain problems, diabetes, abdominal problems and kidney disease.
  • Bedwetting can sometimes be a psychological issue. Pressure on children can be attributed by different reasons, such as in fear of loss of love and lack of security. It is commonly found among children who have ceased wetting their beds for more than six months and then relapse.
  • Should there be no organic or psychological disorder but bedwetting has been persisting, proactive treatment is advisable to take so as to get the problem fixed.
  • There are a number of ways to deal with bedwetting, however, taking pills to inhibit the amount of urine produced or regulate overactive bladder is usually the last resort, for it may have side effects or bedwetting may recur after drug withdrawal. Some drugs contain hormones and should only be taken with doctor’s prescription and under doctor’s instructions.
Here comes a flow chart which enables you to identify your next step quickly:
suggested process for handling bedwetting
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