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DryEasy bedwetting alarm is a thoughtful design. It is functional and at the same time easy to use.
Innovative moisture sensor:
Sensor is the most critical component of a bedwetting alarm. ToggleSmart is our newly developed sensor. Its design is innovative with an attempt to fix all the major deficiencies of the sensors available on the market.
The main drawbacks of the sensors currently on the market are too easy to be dislodged; too difficult to be cleaned and too sharp which may damage clothing. Addressing these weaknesses, we have applied the technique of toggle clamp on our ToggleSmart which makes it easy to be attached securely to underpants. Despite its strong clamping force, ToggleSmart, unlike other traditional open-cover sensors, has no sharp teeth on cover which may cut the skin or damage clothes. As a modified open-cover sensor, ToggleSmart is very easy to clean and dry.
Adjustable volume:
Instead of using a traditional volume wheel for adjusting volume level (whose volume level can be changed inadvertently), we adopt digital volume control. The key is fixed inside the battery compartment. By doing so, we can assure you of the volume always maintained at the level you desire. As for the maximum loudness, it is set at 85 db, falling within the industrial safety standard.
Selectable sounds:
DryEasy is equipped with 6 selectable sounds (with a choice of playing a single sound or 6 sounds at random). These sounds are carefully selected for the purpose of awaking users, especially deep sleepers. Some users may get used to a particular sound over time which in turn decreases their awareness of the alarm alert. With a choice of different sounds, users can overcome such worry. 

Selectable combination of sound and vibration:
To provide maximum selection combination, a selection switch can be easily set to sound only, sound and vibration, or vibration only.

Attaching device:
We do not use safety pin as the attaching device, for some parents have reservation over its safety. Magnetic clip is an alternative. However, based on our study, it may not be secure enough to hold on pajamas when one moves or rolls over in sleep. So, we use instant clip which has been proven to be securer and easier for attaching and detaching.

Best value:
DryEasy provides all the necessary feature at a reasonable price.

Light and handy:
The alarm unit (including 2AAA batteries) weighs 2 ounces only. It is not a burden on a young kid at all.

Free shipment:
We offer free shipment by registered air mail to most countries. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a speedy delivery (see details).

Money back guarantee:
Giving you a 100% confidence and satisfaction in our product, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee (see details).

One-year warranty:
We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects (see details).


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