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DryEasy Plus Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

(Model no. DE300)

• Effective, safe and easy to use. No wire running from the pyjamas top to the underpants.
• New and improved toggle clamp ensures sensor be attached to the underpants securely. Reliable sensor detects the first drops of urine and alerts the child as soon as bedwetting occurs.
• 6 sounds to suit user’s preference and avoid one from getting used to a particular sound. Can opt for a single sound or play the 6 sounds at random.
• 4 levels of digital volume control to cater to different needs. Max. loudness of 85 db.
• 3 operation modes: sound only, vibration only, sound plus vibration.
Price : US $75
DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm

(Model no. DE100)

• Sensor type: ToggleSmart sensor
• Sensor material: Anti-corrosive and gold plated
• Sounds: 6 selectable sounds with options to choose a single sound or play the 6 sounds at random.
• Volume: 4 levels digital volume control
• Operation mode: sound only, vibration only, sound and vibration.
• Sensor cord length: 33" long
• Battery: 2 x AAA Alkaline battery (included)
• Item weight: 2 oz; Shipping weight: 7 oz
• Warranty: One year warranty for both alarm and sensor
• FDA registered, CE certified, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 (for medical devices)
Price : US $49.95
ToggleSmart sensor

(Model no. 100TS)

• One-drop urine sensation
• Super easy to clean and dry
• Super easy to attach to underpants
• Securely fastened to underpants with Toggle clamp technique
• Anti-corrosive and gold plated material
• Sensor cord length: 33" long
• One-year warranty
Price : US $15
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