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DryEasy Plus Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

(Model no. DE300)

• Effective, safe and easy to use. No wire running from the pyjamas top to the underpants.
• New and improved toggle clamp ensures sensor be attached to the underpants securely. Reliable sensor detects the first drops of urine and alerts the child as soon as bedwetting occurs.
• 6 sounds to suit user’s preference and avoid one from getting used to a particular sound. Can opt for a single sound or play the 6 sounds at random.
• 4 levels of digital volume control to cater to different needs. Max. loudness of 85 db.
• 3 operation modes: sound only, vibration only, sound plus vibration.
Price : US $75
Product description
DryEasy Plus wireless bedwetting alarm is a device designed to cure bedwetting in an effective, safe and easy way. This alarm is superior to ordinary wearable alarms which require a long wire running from pajamas top or the arm to underpants. Without the long wire, it is very much more comfortable for users to wear. Such design also addresses some parents’ concern over the potential entangling with the long wire. How to work: DryEasy Plus comprises a sensor, a transmitter and a receiver. User only has to attach the sensor to the underpants before sleep. The transmitter that connected to the sensor will send a signal to the receiver as soon as bedwetting occurs. The receiver will then sound and/or vibrate which in turn awake the user to use toilet. Such mechanism can gradually condition the brain to respond appropriately to messages from the bladder. With proper use of the alarm, one can be trained to awake when the bladder is full, or to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. DryEasy Plus has adopted the new generation technology which do not require any pairing for the transmitter and receiver. It is ready for use upon insertion of batteries. Its sensor is with a ToggleSmart clamp which enables it to be attached to the underpants securely. When using DryEasy Plus, your child can simply wear his/her own underpants. There is no need to buy specially made but expensive underpants. Apart from the foregoing, DryEasy Plus has equipped all the good features that are found in our on-market wired alarm, such as 6 selectable sounds with volume control, selection of a single sound or random playing and 3 operation modes, viz sound only, vibration only, and sound plus vibration. We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect. DryEasy Plus has acquired FCC part 15 (US standard), CE certification and registered in FDA. This alarm is suitable for age of 7 or above.

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