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Useful tips in using bedwetting alarm
1. You are recommended to have a trial run of all steps in using the alarm during day time with your child before the first time use.  
2. Rapid response on hearing or feeling the alarm can enhance the success rate in overcoming bedwetting.  Parents play an important role, in particular at the intial stage, in awaking a sleeping child for urination and are therefore recommended to sleep in the same room with the child for the first 2 weeks of using the alarm.

3. Your child does not want to wet the bed.  Do not scold or blame him/her for any wet night.  Encouragement can help your child overcome bedwetting.

4. Use progress card to show your child his/her steady improvement and enhance his/her sense of achievement.  

5. Keep using the alarm for 2 more weeks after dryness so as to lower the chance of relapse. 

6. Test the alarm by wetting the sensor and pressing down the sensor lever before use. The alarm vibrates and/or sounds (as the case may be) with the LED light on when it is activated.

7. Always keep the sensor dry.  Never put anything under the sensor lever. 

8. Ensure the sensor is adequately cleaned every few days so that its sensitivity can be maintained.  Urine residue left on the sensor can keep the alarm from working properly.

9. Do not clip anything onto the cord or damage it by any means.  Do not pull the cord out of the alarm unit.  

10. The cord should go UNDER the pajamas as it can prevent the sensor from being dislodged.  Do not unplug the cord from the alarm unit unless for cleaning. 

11. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to set the operation mode to "vibration and sound".   

12. Always use the same type of batteries. Do not mix the old ones and the new ones. 
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